~Clevian cyberCONNECT~


The Clevians are a multi-cultural race of people who have decended from King Axandrous Mahubie.  At the Fall Of Clevis, The Silent Men were charged with carrying on the Pieces of Clevis forward to the generations, however, they cannot speak the Clevis-Tongue in doing so!  If you doubt the truth in these words, STOP READING THIS, log off now!  Go to a more pleasant URL and tell yourself this was only art!  But if you are one of  The Chosen you will find yourself strangely compelled to read on and learn more about your own Clevis-Power!  

The Clevians, as a race have roots in all races of earth and beyond!  The Powers of your Clevian heritage live on inside of you to bring peace, love and otherness to all and oneself!  Not The Otherself commonly known as Ones Self, but the true and Ultimate Self one can only know as Oneself!  Otherness and Oneness can be known and experienced, as well as, distiguished from Ones Other Self with Oneness of Self.  Do not mistake this for ones Self Life.  For we all know how short ones self life can be!  Therefore True Preservation of Oneness is only expereinced through coming into One with One's own Clevisness!  (you have just read a clevian hypnoduction!)  

Chant the above paragraph, read it allowed, print it and share it with the unknowing, for you are the knowing and the chosen.  Only you can lead us in our search for all of the Pieces of Clevis. We need your help!  If you find what you believe to be a Piece of Clevis, write to us and tell us. But beware, The Muckmonster watches you and dares to drag you down by gumming up the works and infiltrating your mind with the dreaded Mind-Worm which weaves its way deep into your brain and intestines!  You will never know that you have been infiltrated! However, you can take this short test to determine which side you are on!



If you answered that you were Intrigued and Amused, there may still be enough of your Free Will left to Discover your Clevian Roots!  If you scoff at all of this, then why are you still reading this? Are you the Brain Police?  Are you a CyberNaut or a CyberNot?!  Have you given up your ideas for cash?  Or have you never really had an idea?  Did you find yourself taking ours?  We will galdly give your our ideas!  We have plenty to spare!  The Clevians have enough High-Quality Ideas for all of us! Or perhaps insect are stealing your ideas!  Do things taste salty?  Are there enough "things?"  Have you been jipped?!!  Join us and discover a wealth in your own mind!!

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