PLEASE: A Performance Art Piece about Control by Mark G. E.

Shannon Sloan-Spice and Dash Lea


Please was performed on November 15th and 16th, 2002 as part of the Document/OBSESS performance art series at Walker's Point Center for the Arts.


Concept: A couple sits back to back watching separate television monitors while putting in numerous video tape fantasy scenarios of how the other person would please them.  Each begins with rather benign fantasies of having the other person be a servant for them.  As the piece progresses, the scenarios become more extreme, controlling and absurd.  At the end of the piece each put in a tape of the other person bound and gagged in the chair they are each sitting.  They are stuck literally and metaphorically. 

The piece explores the obsession of wanting to control the other person in the relationship and how eventually that leads to a stalemate for both.  Further the piece explores fantasies of power & obsession with images over the real person in a rather playful manner.


Actors: Shannon Sloan-Spice, Dash Lea 

Music: Calling by cyberCHUMP

Producers: All*Cin Productions

Lighting and Audio: Lance Lamont

Artist: Mark G. E.