Regarding the Patients of Doctor H__

by Theresa Ala Mode and Mark G. E.

Mixed Media, 1999-2003

An installation that appeared as part of Destination 2: Space on July 25th and 26th, 2003. 

The installation explores the history of a mysterious Doctor who treated patients at an insane asylum sometime in the past.  Participants experience photographs, patient records, personal belongings, film clips and audio memories of past inhabitants of the space.  Audio includes psychotic verbalizations coming from a woman's dress on a wheelchair, a man's fretting and muttering coming from a suitcase, and drone-tones from three sources around the room.  Photographs are 30" X 40" archival prints.  Film clips are Super 8 film transferred to DVD played in a loop. 

The installation presents stimuli to evoke impressions from those who experience it regarding the past lives these patients may have lived.  The artists exist in the location in lab coats available for guidance to those who need it.  

Click the small picture below for video of the installation (Requires RealPlayer)




Other Items that have been uncovered and catalogued:


One Bound Hand-written Laboratory Notebook, with Such Contents:

An Introduction of Major Assertions:

An Overview of the Facts Surrounding the Incident of the Factor in Question

The Gelatin Device and How to use it

Negligence and Why

An Over-usage of Certain Aspects of Theorem Development and it's Consequences


Sampling A Derivative:

The Proper Technique when used in Conjunction

Further Dialogue on Technique While Amongst

Particular Forms for Use (1,2 & K)


Additional Material (to be used as needed):

The Manipulation of parts A and B under Pressure

The Mis-leading Discovery of Madam Fletcher

A Placement in Time (and the Importance of Precision)

The over-use of Tri-partite Theory Development


Addendum to Earlier Sections:

Fairly Well-known Activation Studies which Offer Guidance

The Just-Noticeable-Difference Theory and Why it does not Relate

A Table of Measures Divided into Unequal Parts

The Lesser Known Pre-solved Solutions



A Medium-sized Wooden Box with Key, Upon Opening to be Found:

One Pair Surgical Scissors

Three Unused Gauze Strips

One Blue Velvet Pouch; contents undetermined

One Pair Eye Glasses

One Felt Square; Green in Color

Two Keys: Purpose Unknown

One Waltham Pocket Watch; 3:35 Displayed



A Small Collection of Printed Material, Upon Writing Table; as Follows:

Veritae Desnobles; First Edition/Published 1845

About The Testing of Invalids; Fourth Pressing/Jenard Press 1903

Within Dark; Publication Unknown/Pages Missing

Train Schedule, April 1897 - Northern Route/Unidentified Stain

The End of The World by Dr. M. Wilhelm Meyer; Published 1905/C. H. Kerr & Co.

Daseinsanalytic; H. S. Bormann/Published with beige linen cover

Collected Notes, Letters & Postcards From Various Individuals: 46



Miscellaneous Items Found:

A Visual Catalog of Movement Disorders, Black & White Motion Picture Film

Index Card with the inscription "the moles" written upon it



Read a panel discussion about the show:


Info About the Entire Destination 2 show


Note: The artists would like to thank J. Karl Bogartte for his assistance.