Xposed 4Heads is Funny, Energetic, Social Satire Art Rock that pokes fun

 at modern society with positive catchy songs. 


  Urgency Squad  Vinyl, CD and Digital

2017: SynthPop concept album

Special Guests: Frank London, Deborah Evans & Al Mothersbaugh

  Choose to Be Human CD and Digital

2015: 15 songs

Special Guests: James Chance and Blaine Reininger



Dumb Music for Smart People 7" Vinyl W/Download

2014: 2 songs + 1 bonus download song

  Annoying Sh*t on a Disc CD & Digital

1999: Compiles best of 1982 - 1992

  Lest We Forget CD

2012: A Night to Remember includes a live version

of Nice Guy





Present: Mark G.E. (Social Director), Bob Jorin, Carter Hunnicutt, Kelp Chofs, Andy Stilin.

2012: Mark G.E., Bob Jorin, Carter Hunnicutt, Andy Pagel.

1982-1993: Mark G. E., Bob Jorin, Crayola Gold, Theresa Ala Mode, Derv Garfschmidt, Tray-C, John the Anarchist, Barb Johnson, with special appearances by Carter Hunnicutt, Terry Tanger, John Gaskell, Jim Skeel, Robert Duckworth, Max L. Ray, John Paul and the Amazing Caverns.



S*x on Your Face Cassette

Included S*x on Your Face/ And Give Me/ Stay/

Let's Touch/ Boring/ Party in My Pants/

Everything's Fine/ Let's Hunt



Center of the Universe - Kansas City Compilation

1986 Cassette included:

Everything's Fine




Shindig! 10 Song Cassette

1985: Included Let's Shindig!/ 36 Guns/

Normal/ Weisenheimer/ My Shorts/ Just Think/

Looking 4 Jah/ Teacher's Pet/ Pretty Little Ribbons

Yer Dead Dog



  Annoying Sh*t in a Bag - 8 Big Songs - Cassette

1983: 8 song hand-made cassette with 16 page booklet in a zip lock bag.

Included: Nice Guy/ Rastaman/ Big Weenie/

Ronnie on the Ranch/ Out in the Jungle/

Easter Song/ No Friend




  Annoying Sh*t in a Bag - 7 Big Songs - Cassette

1982: 7 song hand-made cassette with 16 page booklet in a zip lock bag.

Included: Nice Guy/ Rastaman/ Psychedelic Head/

Neighbors/ No Friend/ Kentucky/ Easter Song





1982 included demo versions of:

Nice Guy/ Baby, Baby/ Psychedelic Head/

Rastaman/ Teacher's Pet





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E-Mail: X4 @ joyfarm.com