The Brain Police Are YOU!  There is no Big Brother - You are your own Big Brother!  In fact you have become more like a Big Bother!!  There is no evil Power Monger that is going to limit your choices!  The one who will step right up with a smile to limit your choices will be you!  As you type happily into the so-called "cyber space" your friends will be watching out for you and making sure you don't do anything harmful to yourself!  For this you will thank them and be happy that someone cares enough about you to protect you from yourself!  

When the 500 channels of narrow-cast programming comes to your home you will open your doors as readily as you signed on to this home page - with an eager open mind!  Waiting to be filled with all the K-tel and Ronco products you can buy!  Only these products won't look cheap!  They will have the sheen of the new techno-product with which you have boosted your ever-sharpened mind!  And who will be sharpening that mind, making room for more cyberproduct?  You of course!!  You will scamper to the hyper-switch and beg for more info-hype to switch-on, tune in and get off!!  And you will GET OFF!  Oh yes!! You will be off in some deep, dark embarrassing quadrant of the Web when you find that the Web is just that - A web to capture and hold you!!  You can't stop now and you don't want to!!

Hail Clevis! | Clevian.com | Group262