Dark Comedy for Bright Minds

~ A Dark Spirit Festival ~

A collection of strangely beautiful, oddly compelling,

darkly humorous comedy noir short film and video


Mark G. E.


One Night Only

Friday October 20th, 2000

The Times Cinema

5906 W. Vliet, Milwaukee

Call 414-453-2436 for advanced tickets



The Critic's View:

"Although they range from satire to Gothic to noir, the collection of short films by Mark G. E. share a similar atmosphere; equally stark apartments, basements, hotel rooms and office buildings. They also demonstrate a predilection for German expressionism and surrealism using the stiltedness of silent films, the Rorschach quality of Guy Maddin and a self-proclaimed fondness for late illustrator Edward Gorey. While narratively minimalist, rarely linear and various in themes the films tend to be achingly composed. The 50 eight-second tableaux of "The Unfortunate Gift" have a daguerrotype quality of Wisconsin Death Trip, whose filming Mark G. E. chronicalled in Midwestern Gothic. "Visual Catalog" is a haunting portrait of neurological bedlam."

-Duane Dudek The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

"Mark G. E.'s best work lies in his visual ideas... like Monty Python on magic mushrooms."

-Dave Lurhssen The Shepherd Express Metro

"Mysterious, intriguing, slightly off-kilter. Mark is a mature and skilled director. The composition of his shots are beautifully sculpted. His video work is just as rich-toned as film and possess a quality of depth."

-Elaine Litzau The Milwaukee Orbit

Composer Seymour Muchmore, Writer Paul Sadler, Director Mark G. E., Actor Patty Zatty


Programme included:

A Visual Catalog of Movement Disorders

~ A Study in Movement and Madness ~

Created by Mark G. E.

The Unfortunate Gift

~ A Homage to the Late Edward Gorey ~

Written by Mark G. E.

Music by Gideon Freudman

Psycho Probe

~ with the late Graham Chapman of Monty Python ~

Phantom Limb

~ A Severed Limb continues to Kill ~

Written by Mark G. E.

Music by John Kruth



Dark House

~ A Study in The Roles we Play in a Family ~

Written by Mark G. E.

No Fifth Floor

~ Existential Tale of Being Lost ~

Written by Paul Sadler, Mark G. E. & Louise Cooper




The Crying Shame

- Two "room mates" get a visit from dad ~

Written by Paul Sadler & Mark G. E.





~ Silent Movie about Pantomimes that commit PantoCrimes ~

Written by Paul Sadler & Mark G. E.




Last Meal

~ Deathrow inmate gets to cook his own last meal ~

Written by Paul Sadler, Mark G. E. & Theresa Ala Mode




Who's to Blame?

~ Man is out to find who is destroying his mail ~

Written by Paul Sadler & Mark G. E.




With Appearances by

Mark G. E.


Paul Sadler


and Photography by

Theresa Ala Mode

Sponsored in Part by


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