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     History - A Compendium of Exhibition and Recognition




     The Critic's View:

-Duane Dudek The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal


  • "Mark G. E.'s best work lies in his visual ideas... like Monty Python on magic mushrooms."

-Dave Lurhssen The Shepherd Express


  • "Mysterious, intriguing, slightly off-kilter. Mark is a mature and skilled director. The composition of his shots are beautifully sculpted. His video work is just as rich-toned as film and possess a quality of depth."

-Elaine Litzau The Milwaukee Orbit




  • At twelve years old, Mark G. E. got his first camera and has been making movies ever since. Tending to work in the short film genre, Mark has always been intrigued by tales of irony. His style is at times romanticized German expressionism (Fritz Lang, Carl Theodore Dreyer) & American noir (Orson Welles), usually coming from a conceptual art approach. To date Mark has made over 300 movies.
  • Visually, Mark is inspired by films from the twenties and early thirties such as Vampyre, Pandoras Box and Battleship Potemkin, "because they show the strings." His writing interests have always been along the lines of Poe, Gorey, Grimm, Kafka and Serling. Though, much of his taste may be on the dark side, he has always maintained a love of the absurdly witty. His interest in the human condition led him to obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology.
  • Mark tends to develop an idea based around a technique that intrigues him.  For example in The Unfortunate Gift, Mark was interested in creating a film that had the effect of randomly flipping through a book of text and pictures that left impressions of a story, but did not give the complete narrative.  Through the use of fifty 8 second human tableaus with text, the viewer is given the pieces of a Victorian Era tale that unfolds into a mystery.
  • A Visual Catalog of Movement Disorders is part of a complete gallery installation that includes photographs by Theresa Ala Mode, clothing, furniture and personal articles found in estate of Dr. H_.  The film was shot on Super 8 and distressed by rolling it around on the floor to interfere with projection. The piece focuses on a series of unfortunate souls who have inexplicable movement disorders.  The piece was choreographed by Chicago-based performance artist Joseph Ravens.
  • As founder of the Joy Farm Performance Troupe, Mark assembled an ever-changing cast that created a monthly comedic television show described as a cross between Monty Python and the Twilight Zone.  The show presented 6-8 minute short sketches, performance art and longer mini-movies.  The Joy Farm writers worked off of influences such as Preston Sturges and 60's comedy shows mixed with David Lynch.          



     Notable Works:


  • Cyberchump: Neo-psychedelic groove project with Jim Skeel.
  • Xposed 4Heads: Mark's art pop project (1983-1993 and 2012 - Present).




     Live Theater

  • Please: A performance art piece about control.


     Selected Writings



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