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For two years Director James Marsh traveled to Wisconsin with his film crew to create a film adaptation of the Michael Lesy book Wisconsin Death Trip.

With the assistance of local actors, crew, make up, costume and stunt personnel the group created a lush, dark film about the inhabitants of this land 100 years ago. The resulting film tells stories about sorrow, struggle, pain and hope in a very harsh rural world.


"The effect is hypnotizing. There's a sense of astonishment in Wisconsin Death Trip,' as if Marsh were witnessing -- just as newspaper reports had done at the time -- a siege of unexplained madness."



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Mark G. E.'s


~The Making of Wisconsin Death Trip~


"A Wisconsin-Made Film about Making a Film in Wisconsin"


Midwestern Gothic is "a well-made, succinct "making of" documentary...

interesting for offering the perspectives of the local cast and crew,

many of whom are close to the lore of Lesy's book"

- Dave Luhrssen/Shepherd Express Metro


Mark G. E.  followed the film crew in order to tell the story of a British director coming to Wisconsin to recreate the book Wisconsin Death Trip.  Edited by Brooke Maroldi, with music by John Kruth, on-location footage and interviews with the director, actors and creative staff give insight into this darkly intriguing film.  Midwestern Gothic tells us about the people who lived in Wisconsin's past and how the making of such a film effects the people living today.

Midwestern Gothic premiered at the 2000 Wisconsin Film Festival and

was screened at The Times Cinema June 30th, 2000.

Soundtrack by John Kruth

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