Dark Works DVD Collection

The Unfortunate Gift   -  A Visual Catalog of Movement Disorders  -   The Dark House


"The collection of short films by Mark G. E. share a similar atmosphere; equally stark apartments, basements, hotel rooms and office buildings. They also demonstrate a predilection for German expressionism and surrealism using the stiltedness of silent films, the Rorschach quality of Guy Maddin and a self-proclaimed fondness for late illustrator Edward Gorey. While narratively minimalist, rarely linear and various in themes the films tend to be achingly composed. The 50 eight-second tableaux of "The Unfortunate Gift" have a daguerrotype quality of Wisconsin Death Trip, whose filming Mark G. E. chronicalled in Midwestern Gothic. "Visual Catalog" is a haunting portrait of neurological bedlam."

Duane Dudek - Milwaukee Journal Sentinal


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The Unfortunate Gift (1998/B&W/ 7 min)

An homage to Edward Gorey. A "strangely beautiful" Victorian tale of three brothers, all who end up dead. Mark G. E. tells the story with a series of fifty 8 second human tableaus."  Placed in the Gorey House Archives.   Music by cellist Gideon Freudmann 


A Visual Catalog of Movement Disorders (1999/B&W/ 10 min)

Uncovered in a medical archive, the origin of which is unknown. A film documenting oddities of medical science. A "strangely beautiful" conceptual work that explores movement and insanity 


The Dark House (1998/B&W/ 12 min)

Characters who play different aspects of the human condition all reside in one house.



Dark Works DVD Collection includes:

The Unfortunate Gift

A Visual Catalog of Movement Disorders

The Dark House



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